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Title :  Cat facial twitches / seizure
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Terrie Rogers
Stay strong and stay away from those carbs! Cauliflower rice and cauliflower mash are great alternatives. Season them well and yummmm.
Comment from : Terrie Rogers

Honey you have a goiter and thyroid disease. That’s why you’re obese. Go see an endocrinologist asap
Comment from : MaiMaiShow

virgen virgen
Its best to chug it.
Comment from : virgen virgen

mike tom,
grape is much better tasteing
Comment from : mike tom,

Karina M
I just had one for the first time I got the cherry flavor and doesn't taste bad taste like sour candy, and if you are over 12 years old you are supposed to drink the whole 10oz .. ..now let's wait for the process 🕦🕣🕘🕤
Comment from : Karina M

I just had this drink last night! Been eating way to good the past week. And I was extremely bloated. I feel great!
Comment from : Tieralynn

Tamiko Jefferson
I've taken that before and it is best to gulp it down at once, make sure it's cold and drink 1 8ounce glass of water afterwards
Comment from : Tamiko Jefferson

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